Davida is immensely supportive of her students, frequently going above and beyond the call of duty as a teacher...As far as technique goes, I trust her ear and feedback implicitly; she has been an invaluable help in preparing for some of my hardest roles and I would recommend her to anyone looking to build their vocal technique!  

-Tess Altiveros, Seattle, Washington  


Davida Kagen is a wonderful voice teacher.  I've known her for 10 years and in the time we've worked together, I've felt a steady progression in my voice.  Her ears are amazing and she is lovely to work with.  Each lesson with her, I've learned something new about my voice and singing.  While I'm very busy now in my career, I'm only able to see her perhaps once or twice a year.  However each time I do "check-in" with her, she helps me stay on track with a healthy vocal production that allows me to focus on being true to the music and the text.  Davida is not only an incredible voice teacher, but a phenomenal mentor.  She has helped guide me through many critical moments in my singing career.  This is a voice teacher that not only cares about your singing, but also the happiness in your life.  Thank you Davida for everything!!!  

-Adam Lau, San Francisco, California  


Davida Kagen is one of the best vocal coaches around. I first studied with Davida in college and I have used her techniques since. I am a successful professional singer working in musical theatre. Davida not only has a wonderful technique to bring out the best in a singer, she is able to immediately hone in on bad habits, makes you aware of them and then gives you exercises to help you eliminate them. When I've gone on auditions I have been asked who is my vocal coach, and I always say Davida Kagen gave me my voice. Many years later I called Davida to coach me with a few Opera arias for a concert I was producing, and via skype vocal lessons she was able to help me improve my technique and dialect. I will continue to go to Davida for any vocal help I need and I HIGHLY recommend Davida as a vocal coach. She is tough, but dedicated to your success. She will push you where you need to go, yet listen to your wants and needs. I love her!! I would not be where I am today if I had not been so lucky as to have landed her as my vocal coach in college so many years ago. She is one of THE BEST around! I highly recommend Davida!   

~Kristi Holden, New York City, New York   


Davida is a superb and very experienced musician and a demanding, yet inspiring voice teacher. She insists on the best from herself, her studio and performance colleagues and of those aspiring to the field. Her good nature and sense of humor, work ethic, and professionalism combine for positive learning and listening experiences. Davida encourages everyone to rise to the standard of excellence in music, regardless of the genre. Her own interpretations of vocal literature are of this highest standard -- are deeply moving, and leave audiences enriched and for the better.   

~Dean Speer, Chair   Music Committee   First Church of Christ, Scientist, Bellevue, Washington   


I am a professional singer and Davida has taught me and helped me vocally over a period of over 20 years. She has a tremendous depth of experience both as a singer and as a teacher. She is laser-like in identifying and helping one through vocal challenges and has been  especially helpful to me in identifying and correcting diction problems, correcting and “steering” breathing issues, and fears regarding range. And has a great touch with all ages, too! She’s tops!   

~Mary Davis, Seattle